TYPO3 PWA(Progressive Web App) Extension

What is it?

Introducing the TYPO3 PWA Extension, a solution that empowers you to easily integrate PWA functionality into your TYPO3 website. The TYPO3 PWA Extension offers the ability to customize and update your preferred options in your TYPO3 backend, allowing you to experience superfast loading speeds like never before at your fingertips.

What's more, our extension is now compatible with the latest TYPO3 v12, ensuring that you can take advantage of the newest features and improvements while delivering a better user experience.

Key features of ns_PWA extension:

  • Easily Integrate in TYPO3: Transform your TYPO3 website into a PWA website effortlessly with our TYPO3 PWA extension.
  • Lighting Fast SEO Performance: Experience lightning-fast loading speeds and enhanced SEO performance, ensuring higher rankings in search engine results.
  • TYPO3 PWA Extension for All Devices: Supported on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, our extension offers a seamless experience across all platforms.
  • Support Offline Functionality: Enable offline functionality by caching resources and storing data locally with service workers, ensuring access to content even in areas with poor connectivity.
  • Easy Configuration Options: Configure start URL, entry point, PWA icon, device screenshots, website name, background color, display type, and scope directly from your TYPO3 backend.
  • Optimized & Reviewed with Google Lighthouse: Our TYPO3 PWA extension is optimized and reviewed with Google Lighthouse to ensure top-notch performance.

With our TYPO3 PWA extension, we prioritize simplicity and user-friendliness. Setting up your PWA website is a straightforward process, allowing you to focus on delivering a great experience to your visitors. Whether you're a seasoned developer or new to TYPO3, our extension provides easy-to-use configuration options, making it accessible to everyone.

What does it do?

The TYPO3 PWA (Progressive Web App) extension enhances your TYPO3 website by transforming it into a Progressive Web App. This means that your website will offer a faster and more reliable experience to users, similar to that of a native mobile app.

Backend Screenshots