WordPress to typo3 migration

WordPress to TYPO3 Migration Extension

About Extension

Are you a WordPress CMS user looking to transition your blogs, pages, or news to TYPO3? Shifting from WordPress to TYPO3 can seem daunting, but with T3Planet’s WordPress Migration Extension, the process becomes seamless. With just a single click, you can effortlessly transfer all your data.

Our WordPress migration extension simplifies the transition to TYPO3 CMS. Easily move your pages, blogs, or news with a straightforward process, ensuring a smooth migration without any data loss.

What's more, our extension is fully compatible with the latest TYPO3 version 12! Upgrade your website today with T3Planet's WordPress Migration Extension

Pro Features

  • Easy Export From WordPress Blogs - Export your WordPress blogs, pages, or posts from your website by adding the necessary elements and clicking 'Export'. Download the CSV file from the WordPress Exporter
  • 1-Click Migration From Wodpress to TYPO3 - Easily migrate your WordPress blogs from your website to TYPO3 by uploading your CSV file. Ensure the CSV file matches the provided sample format.
  • Option for Multi-Page Migration - With the TYPO3 WordPress migration extension, you can seamlessly migrate thousands of blogs in just seconds, ensuring a smooth transition without any delays or data loss. Our extension streamlines the migration process, making it quick and hassle-free. Say goodbye to tedious manual transfers and hello to efficient website management!
  • Auto Migrate Text & Media Files - The TYPO3 WP Migration Extension effortlessly handles the automatic migration of text and media files, ensuring a seamless transfer without any obstacles. This versatile extension can migrate various elements, including SEO titles and descriptions, images, categories, page titles, and content text.
  • Easy to Understand - Whether you're technically inclined or not, you can install and migrate files without any advanced coding skills. Just input your data into the extension and click to import.

Want to Try Extension?

Looking to seamlessly transition your website from WordPress to TYPO3 CMS? Our WordPress to TYPO3 CMS Migration Extension offers advanced features to make your migration process smooth and hassle-free. With easy installation and intuitive user interface, you can migrate your content effortlessly. Plus, our pro features provide additional functionality to enhance your TYPO3 experience. Download the extension today and take your website to the next level with T3Planet's TYPO3 Extensions!